Reverse Mortgage

No Mortgage Payments – Retire at the age of 62

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is an excellent option for seniors with moderate to high equity in their home that need some extra money or financial relief. Reverse mortgage loans are available only to homeowners, at least one of whom is 62 years of age and older. The loan provides a number of benefits, including:

  • paying off a current mortgage, should you have one
  • allowing seniors to live in their home without making monthly mortgage payments *
  • providing tax-free ** money for any use
  • ability to pay monthly bills and live comfortably
  • providing freedom from medical bills and debt
  • providing cash for remodeling or home renovations
  • retaining ownership of your home. *

A reverse mortgage may allow you to enjoy a more comfortable retirement and maintain your independence.

Reverse Mortgage Options and Obligations

Reverse mortgages allow homeowners to access their equity in several ways. You can receive money as a lump sum, a line of credit, a monthly payment, or any combination of the three depending on the loan program that you choose. You retain the title to your home, and are responsible for all property taxes, insurance costs, and house maintenance—all of which can be paid out of cash secured by the loan.

For homeowners’ protection, reverse mortgages are designed so you cannot owe more than your house is worth. The loan itself does not come due for as long as you live in the house as your primary residence and as long as you keep your property taxes, insurance up to date and the home adequately maintained.

One Reverse Mortgage offers three different loan options:

  • HECM Fixed
  • HECM Line of Credit
  • HECM for Purchase.

A HECM for purchase loan differs from other reverse mortgages. Instead of access existing equity, the loan gives seniors an opportunity to purchase a home without making monthly mortgage payments.*

* – Homewoner is responsible for property taxes, insurance and maintenance
** – Please consult with a financial adviser

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Jorge Ferraguti
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Aarona Jordan
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Thank you Mike and staff at Florida Home Mortgage! Your professionalism and sincere dedication to guide us through this process was felt every step! I'll tell every one, use an APP to order food, not get a mortgage- that deserves a TEAM. Thank you Mike!!
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robin maza
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I closed my latest house purchase here. They were courteous, knowledgeable, and super easy to work with. I highly recommend!
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Philipp Family
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Great team! Thanks to Anna Nashenko & Erick Lynch for their support funding and closing on my house. It was great working together. The constant communication and attention to detail helped us close right on time and with all parties on the same page every step of the way!
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Hanh Dinh
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Great company & Staff. After trying to refinance our home and failed with different company and wasted our time , Mike and Lorna at Florida Mortgage Solutions Group came to the rescue and have helped us tremendously and got the transaction closed! Thanks Guys!!
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Lazaro Dinh
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Closed a Jumbo loan for us, did a great job, the entire team was very professional and I would definitely recommend.
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Linda DiLorenzo
17:31 25 Oct 18
I worked with Florida Mortgage Solutions to purchase my home. While it was a little rough in the beginning (no one persons fault) Mario Cervantes stepped up and owned the issues even when part of them were from my own doing. Once we got past the issues Mario, Mike and the rest of the Florida Mortgage Solutions team were just outstanding. My mortgage process was so smooth and easy and this new system they have to let you know where in the process you are via email is just awesome! Word of caution though - make sure you have all your “ducks in a row”, are upfront about everything and I promise you Florida Mortgage makes the entire process so easy that you are done before you know it and they will get you a mortgage. Mario was right there taking all my texts and phone calls no matter the day, time or reason even if it was just to tell me over and over and over and over that everything is going fine. Great company, great people and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a mortgage. Be sure to work with Mario and Jennifer they won’t disappoint!
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Fernando Mongalo
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Great experience and super satisfied to all my needs towards our first home purchase
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Leslie Moya
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Tony Mendez has an Awesome Mortgage team. As a Buyer's Real Estate Agent, when my buyers are approved with Florida Mortgage Solutions, I know we have a Real-Time, Good-to-Go, Closing on our hands. Today my buyers closed on their new home, and Tony's team approved their loan in record breaking time! Thank You FL Mortgage Solutions! ☆ We couldn't have done it with out you ☆
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leonel ramirez
16:10 23 May 17
my family and I are currently working on the details of my loan and they are very knowledgeable especially when it came to getting approved with a VA loan. Mike Lewis and his team of experts are the creams of the crop. first home for us and I wouldn't recommend anyone else to put you in the right place. thanks for all of your efforts and experience.
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Calvin Ford
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Tony Mendez and his team were outstanding!! As a first time buyer they were made our approval process smooth and stress free! I highly recommend!!
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Ed Goldfarb
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As a Realtor it is imperative anyone or firm my team and I refer our clients can make us look good. After two years working with Mike and Jenny, they have ALWAYS COME THROUGH. Even a $1.2 million buyer with low credit scores got a bank rate loan. Everyone that my team and I refer love them and so do we. BTW they also all my seller ingredients clients prospective buyers.
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Reverse Benefits

  • Choose the payout option that works for you
  • No mortgage payments; still pay taxes and insurance
  • Still own and live in your home while receiving cash
  • Generally will not affect your social security

Common Misconceptions

  • Difficult to qualify
  • Liable for the loan balances that exceed home value
  • The bank owns your home
  • Reverse Mortgages are expensive (prices vary by product)


  • Qualifying is Easy
  • Youngest homeowner must be at least 62+
  • If you own your home or have a ton of equity
  • Your home is your primary residence