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We are a Direct Lender for Home Loans, Commercial Loans, and International Financing. We have loan programs for Jumbo, Foreign National, FNMA, FHA, Freddie Mac, FHA with no Lender overlays.

We specialize in helping Home Buyers, Realtors and Home Builders find the right mortgage solution. Buying a home can be stressful for a buyer, especially when it comes to financing. We guide buyers through the loan approval process to find the right mortgage. We are direct lenders and can help with financing where others fail. Our buyers are confident when making an offer and because they know their financing is in place.

Our Approval Goal

We collect full documentation on all approvals and have a success rate of 99% of closing the files. There is a difference in a credit check approval and the full documentation approval. We are issuing loan commitments to lend on a property while others are only giving credit checks and find out later the loan is denied. The denial rates are published per big bank close to 30% vs. us at 99.5% approval rate

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Our Difference

Only we offer the following incredible benefits to our customers. All of our clients that use our realtors and preferred lender will get the following:

Inspection Guarantee

Home Appraisal Guarantee If you are not approved for financial reason after our preferred lender qualifies you then we will reimburse the cost of your inspection. That is how confident we are with their approvals

Appraisal Guarantee

Home Inspection Guarantee Same as the inspection fee, if our preferred lender qualifies you for the loan and you get turned down for financial reasons, we will reimburse you the appraisal fee as well.

Payment Protection

If for some reason you are not able to work or you lose your income, our protection plan will cover you for upto 2 years. Call us for details

Free loan application

Free logo We cover the cost of the loan application with our preferred lender!

Free Credit Report and counselling

Free Credit Report Our credit repair department has been known to improve credit over 80 points in less than a week! They can repair credit faster than any other service available and teach you how to keep your credit score at their highest levels!

Please call us for details and how to get these benefits!